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Performance Management

Paying attention to outcomes pays off in big ways. Yet many companies fail to take the time to systematically figure out how to measure performance. As a result, the business doesn’t flourish as it should. Instead, it stagnates. Using OptiHR's Performance Scorecard, a business can focus more on outcomes and improve performance as a result.

OptiHR's performance management consulting helps our clients develop performance scorecards and dashboards tied to their strategic plans. This is one of the five dimensions of organizational excellence.

When we work with our clients, we help them look holistically at the organization and develop a set of performance measures that tracks outcomes rather than outputs. We then help ensure that the information is communicated throughout the organization on a regular basis – via POP Teams in which people talk about performance, look at trends, and focus on areas where the organization is not meeting its targets.

Sharing performance information in this manner aligns people around a common set of goals and focuses everyone’s attention on how to improve the organization’s performance. It also builds trust when people see that leaders are holding everyone accountable. Done well, a strong set of performance measures will raise the organization to a higher level of success.

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Developing a Clear Performance Management System

High performing organizations integrate the different levels of performance measurement (inputs, activities, outputs & outcomes) in a system that is clear to everyone. OptiHR prefers to work from the top down, starting with the executive team, to assure there is clarity about the long-range measures and targets. Once those are defined, it becomes much easier to create an integrated system of performance management measures that cascades throughout the organization.

Once these different levels of performance measurement are in place, OptiHR can facilitate the development of the ongoing monitoring process to assure that the communication about performance management results in what we call “POP Teams.” These POP Teams are the key to assuring that the organization uses its performance scorecards in a productive way, enabling people to talk about problem areas, brainstorm potential solutions, and decide how to make mid-course adjustments. This continuous improvement is what creates learning organizations.

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