"Improving Productivity Through Innovation"

Our Services

You would be hard pressed to find a HR Consultancy that goes to the the lengths that we do. OptiHR is passionate bunch, who thrive on the challenge of finding new ways to add value to your business. Our services and products have been carefully selected, developed and refined to ensure long term sustainability.  

OptiHR's services allow us to assist our clients to identify pressing needs and facilitate the necessary change they seek. Our Human Resources Consulting, Management Consulting and Training Consulting Services are designed to improve productivity, efficiency, communication and employee morale.


Productivity Improvement

Boost your production & productivity

  • Establish standards
  • Implement a measurement system
  • Measure teams & individuals

Performance Management

Align, measure and manage

  • Align your business needs
  • Set clear expectations
  • Measure impact & contribution

Employee Development

Assess and develop your resources

  • Correlate training to your business plan
  • Define essential needs per job type
  • Develop a solid skills matrix

Employee Grading

Paterson grading, comp. & benefits

  • Develop a fit for purpose hierarchy 
  • Develop a salary framework
  • Create equity amongst employees